Joe Calabria, M.S., L.Ac., L.M.T.
The best way to describe Joe is as a people developer looking to increase his leadership skills and serve others to help reach their maximum potential.

Since Joe was young, he had a passion for sports that was driven by his need to hone the perfect skills. In elementary school, his world revolved around baseball, but in junior high, he found a love for basketball. Ironically he was terrible at basketball and would get blown out by all his friends. However, Joe began to study the movement of professional players and did countless repetitions to mimic his favorites such as Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and Jason Williams.

He was constantly in search of the next best way to train using awkward platform shoes to jump higher, wrist weights to dribble faster, and even jumping rope to have footwork like a boxer. Joe’s father even began teaching him Kung Fu at the age of 14 and he continued to play basketball throughout high school and into college.

After moving from NY to PA as a child, Joe once again found himself moving back to NY in 2001 and leaving college to work at GE as a Field Technician. With a lack of skill in fixing appliances, this job was short-lived. After trying different jobs, a very good friend, Jordan, suggested he pursue being a Personal Trainer. Joe loved it and quickly became the general manager of a personal training facility. He began to notice he had a special interest in working with injuries. Once again his very good friend, Jordan, suggested Joe go to school to get his Massage License and Acupuncture License.

By 2009, he finished massage school and immediately began the graduate program in Acupuncture. Since school was a heavy workload, he wanted to take a part-time job at Apple Inc. This led to a full-time management position that became invaluable to develop leadership skills that he didn’t know was inside of him.

Fast forward to today, Joe once again finds himself with that youthful passion of honing the perfect skills to relieve injury and improve functional movement. Although he’s no longer at Apple, he still uses his business experience he learned during his time there. Joe has become fully immersed in the clinical practice of treating patients and is thankful for the opportunity of a new day to become a better person.


  • Master of Science in Acupuncture (2015) – New York College of Health Professions
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies, Health Science (2015) – New York College of Health Professions
  • Associate of Occupational Studies, Massage Therapy (2008) – New York College of Health Professions


  • NYS Licensed Acupuncturist
  • NYS Licensed Massage Therapist