About Us

Not your average acupuncture clinic.  We understand that you want to be top in your game and deserve the very best.

We strive to master the traditional techniques of acupuncture, which has made a name for itself for thousands of years, to bring you the very best.   We are results driven, educated, and articulate.

You will walk out with an understanding, a plan, and often, immediate results.

Our Services

Known for being the top clinicians in alternative sports medicine and pain management we offer many services that are tailored to that goal.  We perform Dry Needling (known traditionally as “ah shi 阿是” needling), myofascial release, connective tissue therapies, herbal and nutritional medicines, in additional to traditional acupuncture.

Book An Appointment

The best way to get more information or to find a time that works for you is to call us during business hours.  You are also welcome to fill out an inquiry via our contact page and we will answer your questions by email or call you back during business hours.  Please note, we do not book appointments by email only, you must call.